Raniac Logo

Raniac is a one stop destination for all the people who are seeking for the latest information about every topic. We believe that technology and lifestyle is the key to many of our life problems and it is important to know everything about it. Here, at Raniac, we take utmost care in providing our viewers with latest technological updates and lifestyle related advices in the simplest way possible. Raniac technology provides you with everything that you need to know about the latest tech production in the market. From mobile phones to gaming PCs, hands-on review to leak updates, Raniac Technology will always be on track.

Coming towards Raniac Lifestyle, it is a platform where we upload everything from life hacks to modern solutions, for motivational topics to health benefits. The articles published will help you lead a completely different and a better lifestyle.

Our Mission

We aim to be unique from others and also to provide our viewers with the best content possible. We aspire to bring a change in the society through Raniac Lifestyle and help people gain more knowledge about technology through Raniac Technology. As time passes by, our aim would always be to equip our viewers with more and more information about other various topics.

Our History

Our team started off with just 2 people. We were a little unsure on what direction we were heading towards. Then I included my close friends, and shared this idea with them. We grew our crew, steadily, each person being taught of the idea, the way we are going to go ahead.

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