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Here’s a twist from all the facts we see and read. We see facts about animals, about countries, about so many other things but today you’ll get to know a variety of astonishing facts, from all genres, certain to leave your brain transfixed and fascinated.

Phantom phone syndrome

68% of people globally suffer from phantom phone syndrome, the state of thinking your phone is vibrating or there are notifications when there really aren’t. Imagine always having to feel your phone, only to find out you touched it for no reason. All that energy you could have used for other things gets wasted in feeling your phone. It is astonishing how a small device is enough to give a person a heart attack!

Naming babies in Denmark

Parents cannot name their child whatever they want in Denmark. A strict law prohibits parents from naming their child an odd name and hence parents have to choose their name from a list of 7000 law approved names. At least, this saves you from being stuck with an awkward name all your life.

Astonishing Immortal honey

Honey is something pretty sure all of us have tasted at least once. However, next time check your honey before eating it. Since it’s made of low water and high levels of sugar, bacteria cannot grow on it. Hence honey can stay edible for the longest time, the longest being 3000 years. The weird flex is that it was still very edible. In fact, it is actually possible for a person to survive only on honey as it is the only food that contains all the ingredients to keep a person alive.

Poptarts and hurricanes?

During a hurricane, or before a hurricane starts, everyone stocks up their houses with necessities. Essentials are usually the most popular items. However that is so not the case for Walmart whose top selling product during a hurricane are strawberry poptarts.

Teddy bears fit your needs!

Did you always wonder why every teddy bear has the same neutral expression? Well, the reason behind that is very cute. So basically, why a teddy bear has a neutral expression is so the child can project its own emotion on it. For example, when he feels happy he can get his bear to look happy.
And if he’s sad, he can think the bear is also sad for him. Matter of fact, when you feel you are all alone your teddy bear will always be there for you.

The American Flag

Facts say the fifty-star American flag is designed by a student from Ohio whose teacher originally gave it a b minus. Look at it now, a b minus project holding so much importance. A b minus project being held as one of the most famous flags in the world.

Deja vu? Deja Reve?

The word for when you feel you have experienced an event in real life before is called deja vu. however sometimes we feel as though we have experienced something, but in our dreams. that’s called deja reve.

How does space smell like?

Ever wondered how space smells like? How that endless amount of blackness full of celestial bodies smells like? Well, we have an answer. One astronaut describes space to smell like gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries, and rum. While another describes it as fumes of diesel, gunpowder, and barbecue. Astonishing indeed, space seems to smell good.

Two hamsters instead of one!

At one point, all of us wanted one small pet, such as a hamster or a guinea pig. Kids in Scotland are lucky. They get to own not one but two guinea pigs because law states that you need to always get two of them so one doesn’t get lonely.

Weren’t these facts interesting?

And with the above fact, this article has come to an end. Hopefully, you all enjoyed reading these astonishing facts we collected. Subscribe to Raniac and stay tuned for more articles to come! Thanks and good bye!

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