Being Original, Being Yourself A Disgrace to Society?

Believe yourself


“Stand out more!” “Why are you always hiding in a shell?” “You have potential, you just are not able to show it.” Most of us have heard these dialogues, either being directed towards us, or to others. Being original is what one should do, but is it really that easy? Is it easy to continue standing out in a crowd, ignoring what everyone says? Why is your individuality questioned?

Is society original enough?

Before we say that we are the ones being fake, not being ourselves, let’s look at this. You are an observer, a wallflower who likes to observe. Suddenly, you come crashing into people you’ve known for the longest time. And you see it, you see that they are different from the time you knew them. They are hiding their flaws with either a layer of makeup or a plastic attitude to impress people. No word that comes out of their mouth is what they really want to say, and their words are picked wisely to impress their group of friends. So is that being original? And why do people preach about originality but fail to do it themselves?

Why is it hard to be yourself?

“Millie wears vintage clothes, she’s a hipster. Jack wears rugged clothing, he is a wannabe. Isabel wears shorts, it’s a disgrace to society.” These judgments won’t really leave you alone, and while you can ignore it, it’s hard to let go of it all the time. And if you report it to the teacher, you are a snitch, according to your friends. And at this age, losing your friends isn’t the best idea.

Be yourself, Be original

People try being themselves, I try being myself. But they fail, I fail. Why? Because If a person tries to be themselves, society judges them. Everyone sees the world from their eyes and have this belief in their minds that people aren’t good unless they are like them. They judge so much that there are really just two options. If you are made of steel, you can ignore the comments or blend in with the crowd. The comments by others have this effect of hurting you in a way that you cannot do what you want to. And they think they’ve won because they are “superior”.

Being original- the dark side

When we talk about being original, we have this belief in our heads that it means letting yourself free. Free from worries, fearless, capable of doing anything you or your mind wants. But what if a person’s original character is him being a drug addict? It’s possible. That’s the thing about this world. While something means something else to someone, others may have a different meaning of it.

But should that stop you from being you?

No. It really should not. We are the generation Z and we have the power to change the world. We have the built-up rage and protests against the injustice to change anything we want. So we should be ourselves, we should know that being original is the best escape from being mingled with the plastic society. We should be original enough to let everyone know that it’s safe to be original. Yes. Judgments, hate, negative energy won’t ever leave a person permanently and it is hard to beat it too. But you should just have faith, have the faith to know that you do not need to prove yourself to anyone.

 Be yourself, Be original

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