How To Make A Bot That Attends Your Classes- Meet/Classroom

Google Meet and Classroom BOT

If you are reading this article, you have probably watched the YouTube(click here) video. To jump right to the links and the code, click here. 

After the excellent response to the bot that attends Teams meetings and the bot that attends Zoom meeting, there was no doubt that “almighty” Google applications had to brought into this picture!

Many YouTubers have made a Google Meet bot but, have you seen a bot for Google Classrooms? Well, here we go again!

Watch the YouTube Video!

Program Prerequisites

As always, this program, like the others run on Python programming language. So, make sure that you already have Python installed on your PC. If you don’t, you can download it through Python official website.

Step 1- Installing the Repository 

We start off by downloading the code/repository from GitHub to get the code on our system. Go to GitHub (click here) and download the ZIP file of the code.

Step 2- Extracting the File 

Next, extract the file inside to whatever location you want. (I’d suggest desktop simply) 

Step 3- Formatting the ‘settings.yaml’ file

Inside the folder, you will see a file named “settings.yaml”. Open this file with a text editor and follow the steps written after the # or watch the YouTube video to properly understand how to input your data.

Settings for Google Meet/Classroom

Step 3.1- Google Classroom

Remember that if you want to join your classes on Google Classroom, leave link and code as it is and input the timings and the range. Also the timings should correspond with the order of classes on Google Classroom.

Step 3.2- Google Meet

If you want to join a meeting through link on Google Meet, leave code as it is and enter the link corresponding to the timing entered. The same applies to the code.

Step 4- Running ‘’ in CMD

Next, in the bar on the file explorer, type ‘cmd’ and hit enter. CMD will open and there type in ‘python’ and hit enter. This would install all the modules needed for this code to run.

Step 5- Running the Code 

Now, the only thing left to do is to run the code. Type ‘python’ and see the magic begin!

Running the code

The bot will wait for the start time and as soon as it’s time for it to run, …..!  

The End 

That is all! When the time comes, the bot will open Google Meet/ Google Classroom and join your class and you can just sit there and relax.

Links and Codes 


Command Prompt (CMD) Code- “python”

If you are reading this article, you have probably watched the YouTube(click here) video. Thank you for your support, do comment down below whether you enjoyed this content and if we should continue making this type of content.



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