India’s Obsession Towards Fairness Creams

Fairness creams

Fairness creams are commercial products which have high demand in market. People blindly believe in such products to get fairer. People are crazy on spending huge money on these skin whitening products. As a result these products get profits. Undoubtedly, if one does not use them, people troll them and taunt about acne and pimples.

Racism and discrimination of dark skin

We find dozens of skin tones in India. In other words, we say coal black to wheatish. Moreover such people are biased. We are in wrong ideology that white skin tone is beauty feature. In addition to this, we detach blacks and whites. This is quiet weird. Skin color matters lot in this civilized nation. Film indusrty always welcomes light skinned.

Unfortunately dark skinned people couldn’t grab opportunities in such fields. Dark skinned people don’t receive good impression. However they use whitening creams forcibly. Not all people see the inner beauty. So people do many trials to look fancy from the outside.

The beauty is within your soul

We should never regret our dark complexion. We should always be positive. Skin color never matters in getting success. Firstly, we need to learn to love ourselves. Secondly, we need confidence and will power. Above all, we need to glow like Petromax with unique talents. Keep your heart clean and kind. Endure your hardships. Never give up. As a result, society will certainly respect you. External beauty serves for nothing. Our skin is provisional. Look at the beauty of soul and find the goodness of heart.

Drawbacks of fairness creams

Enthusiasm of people towards white skin results in skin waning. Fairness creams contains harmful steroids. These fairness creams mostly use bleaching agents. In addition to this, mica is also used. This causes skin damage. People may suffer with allergies and skin cancer. Moreover such products are synthetic.

Trading strategy of fairness

Fairness creams manufacturing units earn huge profits. MNC’s advertise their products in attractive way. In addition well known celebs and models portray them. These ads cheat people with unfeasible actions. They show black turning white absurdly. Such ads are telecasted in media frequently. This makes people obsessed about being fair and makes them think that white skin is pretty.

Respect people and devote nation.

The conclusion

Remember that birth features never get transformed. Never justify people by their skin tone. After all, we are humans. Moreover Everyone is equal before God and Law. Try to make a custom to see the inner beauty. Applause people for their talents and that’s when the society changes. Never forget that soul is always more powerful than skin.

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