Should Parents be Held Responsible For their Child’s Actions?

We, children, are a genetic resemblance of our parents. We inherit characteristics from them, learn to be like them, and in a way, consider them our idol. Parents enlighten us with the right moral values and teach us social etiquette and ethics. But, do we learn bad traits from them? Should we point fingers at them for every mistake, whether big or small, done by us? In this article, I will be sharing all my knowledge on whether parents should be held responsible for their child’s actions or not.

Parents and Children

Parent should be held responsible:

We should criticize parents for the right mistakes. Here are some situations when parents being blamed is correct.

  1. Not enough ethics: Okay so suppose you have parents who smoke and drink. What will the child learn? “Oh, my parents are doing this so its fine”, and the child is very innocent to understand the harmful effects of such activities. In this case, raising an eyebrow on the parents is absolutely fine.
  2. Influence: The world is a vast with uncountable bad influences outside. All these influences are like bacteria entering our body. We should get rid of them as soon as possible. We may spoil due to peer pressure, or even from our relatives and bad company. But then do parents stop us from caving into such negative aspects in life and hanging out with our friends? NO! They, sometimes, ignore these necessary aspects which led to the child getting exposed to inappropriate activities and indulges into incorrect practices . So they should be responsible in this case.
  3. Control: Parents have full control over the child. They ask him/her to do things for them and even help them in their work. They sometimes are not aware of the fact that their child is carrying out a dangerous stunts or some misdeeds, but sometimes they are! Yet, they do not try to stop their child. Then why don’t you only tell me; are children worthy for blame?
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Parents should not be held responsible:

Parents cannot control their child in every step of their children lives. So, there are times when blaming the parents can be questioned.

  1. Moral ethics: Parents teach their children moral ethics in the possible manner they can. If the child decides to just neglect them, then parents are not at fault. They can only do so much. The child has to decide if she/he wants to follow the teachings given to him.
  2. Technology: Technology in this era is the main sponsor of a dangerous company namely violence. Violence is a part of movies, e-books, video games like Call of Duty, and many more. Parents try to teach their child not to get fully involved in such kind of action games, but the kids just throw a tantrum until they get what they want. If you were to witness any accident by this child and then get to know all about it from the parent, who would you blame?
  3. Curiosity: Children do not have a fully developed mind. They are still in the learning stage of life. As the time comes, they learn to spread their enclosed wings and soar in the sky by themselves. Keyword: By themselves. As they are “by themselves”, they tend to get curious and try out things they have never tried before or might be harmful for them. So if they make mistakes, do you think blaming parents is the appropriate thing? NO!
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My Opinion:

My opinion is that parents SHOULD NOT be held responsible. First of all, children do not only acquire bad influences from their parents. They may pick them up from various other people and factors. We also need to understand the reason child got into bad traits first. The answer to this is pretty much straightforward. Lets take for example two paths. One path is just a straight road with a few curves and a few hurdles and the other path is like a mess. Vines and thick ropes cover it in an entangled mess and rocks and pebbles decorate the floor. The clear path is the path leading to bad traits. Its because of its simplicity that its so easy to pick up. Taking this into consideration, should they be held responsible? Ponder over it and write your opinions in the comments.


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